Paperband Cum Magnetic Filter - Ambica Metal Works

Ambica Metal Works Paper Band Cum Magnetic Coolant Clarifies offer the excellent means of filtering for both ferrous & Nonferrous particles. Where hgith degrees of purification is required and contaminates differe in form, size and composition, Paper band filtering system as a rule gives best results. Paper band filters are recommended for grinding. Honing, Transger lines and Machining center. It also can be used for rolling mills for filtering collant which helps to improve the surface finish of the sheets. the filters are manufacturesd upto 2000 liters per minute capacity.

Application :

  1. Highly efficient way of filteration guarantees fine dimensional accuracy increases tool life.
  2. keeps your machine clean & reduces costly down time for periodical cleaning.
  3. Avoids bacterial growth & wastage of expensive coolants.
  4. The filtraion is system is Automatic, no manual attention is needed.
  5. Where heavy stock removal increases the temperature of coolant, this filter helps to reduce temperature due to expiosure to air.